Do you offer any product warranty?

Our wallets are made with premium quality leather which is why they are much more resistant to wear and tear compared to average products on the market. Verily, Claasico offers a 6-month guarantee starting from the date of order.


What’s included in the product warranty?

Our warranty ensures that customers will be able to request a replacement in case of any defects or compromised quality. Please note that this does not cover any damage sustained due to overstuffing the wallet. Each product has its own capacity and we strictly recommend against putting multiple cards in one slot. Moreover, in case you end up losing your wallet, we will not be responsible for a replacement or a refund, whatsoever. Also bear in mind that products with ongoing promotions might not be eligible for replacement.


Is shipping cost included in the warranty?

Yes, if your replacement request is accepted, we will compensate you for the shipping cost. The money will be added to your account’s wallet as credit.


Do Claasico wallets come with a coin pouch?

While some of our wallets include coin pouches or zippered pockets for tiny metallic items, not every product has this feature.


Will water spilled on the leather cause any damage?

No. Simply wipe off the liquid with a non-abrasive fabric or tissue paper. Rest assured, getting the wallet’s exterior wet will not cause any damage.


Are Classico wallets washable?

We strictly advise buyers not to wash their wallets, neither by hand nor in the machine. This can cause the edges to fray and the leather to degrade.


Do all your products have RFID technology?

Yes, all the wallets in our collection are enriched with RFID technology.


What does RFID technology do?

RFID technology prevents your credit cards and driver’s license from getting scanned outside of authorized events. We believe that a person’s wallet is a one-way ticket to their finances in the modern century which is why it should be protected at all costs.