How it all began

Back in 2015, Tim Robin set forth on the quest to find a new wallet. Just like any other customer, he sought quality, design, and durability in the same product. To his disappointment, after a long time venturing the stores of Brooklyn, the search ended at a sour note, and Tim was forced to buy a cheap wallet. The market was filled with overpriced varieties that the average connoisseur simply couldn’t afford. That’s when Tim decided to fill the gap in the industry and launch Classico for customers who seek true value at reasonable prices. He began researching and finally connected with a reliable leather supplier known for impeccable craftsmanship and durability.


What sets us apart

Ever since then, Classico has been redefining the market with its exquisite products. We are based in Brooklyn, New York, the place where it all started. Every single day at the headquarters is spent brainstorming over innovative designs and maintaining an unparalleled standard of quality. Needless to say, we have expanded our line with 100 critically acclaimed leather items that deserve a spot in your collection.