RFID Blocking Wallets – What It Is and Why You Need It

There is no doubt that RFID technology has been a revolutionary technology in the world today. Finding use in a multitude of industries, with applications ranging from fin tech to security, it is safe to say this technology has come to stay.

Seeing as this is a technology that isn’t going away anytime soon though, we must be all ready to handle this technology and the unique challenges that come with it. This is where RFID Blocking Wallets come in.

What are RFID Blocking Wallets?

To put it simply, an RFID Blocking Wallet is any wallet that utilizes one technology or the other to protect your RFID tags from unauthorized scanning. It is a method of protecting your IDs, debit cards, and other such RFID-equipped items from security threats.

How Do RFID Blocking Wallets Work?

RFID blocking wallets work by using an RFID blocking shield to shield the RFID signals emitted by your RFID-equipped cards from RFID receivers and scanners. This keeps your cards from being scanned by unauthorized parties, and in doing so, keeps your data from being stolen.

These shields used in RFID-blocking wallets are usually made of layers of carbon fiber or aluminum. They are used to line either part of the wallet where the cards are supposed to be placed or the entire wallet to provide more thorough protection.

Why Do You Need an RFID Blocking Wallet?

RFID technology comes with one major issue; it poses a serious security threat. With this technology allowing for wireless scanning and data transfer, cards and other gadgets equipped with RFID technology are essentially open to security breaches. Using RFID blocking wallets and other such RFID technology helps protect your RFID cards and the data it contains from such security threats.

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