Benefits of Using a Wristlet Wallet

Wristlet wallets provide convenience and lightness, so women are dropping their everyday purses for them. Find out what benefits they may have.

For a extra upscale event wherein a bigger bag isn’t necessary, Claasico gives numerous smaller, take hold of options. A clutch of is an stylish bag that may be held withinside the hand. The appearance of a Claasico take hold of may be very polished and luxurious — though, if you are looking for a hands-free option, meet the Wristlet. This accent is compact like a take hold of however is probably extra handy to grasp on to. Below, we wreck down six advantages of proudly owning a wristlet.

What is a Wristlet?
Not just a wallet and often smaller and thinner than a clutch, the wristlet is the ideal compromise when a smaller bag is needed, and throwing something over your shoulder feels like too much. With bags becoming smaller on the runways, the wristlet is poised to make a comeback.


Benefits of Using a Wristlet

Your Go-to Going Out Bag

If you're going out for a night on the town, you'll need a sophisticated Claasico wristlet. They're easy to carry while on the go, and since they're attached to your wrist, you're less likely to lose them. Shop for a black leather Claasico wristlet for a more neutral look or, choose from bold colors  to go with a specific style.

They’re Wonderful Wedding Bags
Never have to worry about which bag you’ll bring to a wedding event again. A wristlet is suitable for day or evening wedding wear and can be worn easily while dancing and on-the-go.


Carry Just the Essentials
If you’re looking for something more simple, a wristlet can help you do just that. This minimalistic style can come with credit card slots to keep every last inch organized or a zipper to securely store your lipstick, phone, or other essentials.


Keep One in Your Tote
When you have a long day and evening ahead, you’ll likely need a larger bag. A tote or carryall is a great option for storing a wristlet inside. For days when you have plans during work and immediately after, you’ll be relieved to downsize after 5 o’clock. 


They Travel Well
Whether you’re going on a day trip, weekend getaway, or on a vacation, the wristlet is a travel essential. Pack these mini bags for short trips to the hotel lobby or restaurant. They’re compact enough for a spa locker or to take to the pool.


Wear to Workout 
For a walk with your dog, a short hike, or a class at the gym, a wristlet is the ideal purse for holding keys, a debit card, phone, and a membership card. For when a backpack or a mere pocket just won’t do, make the wristlet your gym buddy.


How to wear a wristlet wallet is versatile and entirely up to you. Claasico leather wristlets are a staple for elegant evening attire. For all wristlet wallet options, see the variety of styles Claasico has to offer that can fit any occasion.


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